Technology: Kids learn habits from parents

AS A parent there is never a dull moment when dealing with children’s outbursts and tantrums no matter what age they are? Sometimes if the parent is in the company of their peers, they will comically respond to a tantrum or outburst by saying “that child is the spit of their father, bad temper” or “that girl just lies on the sofa watching TV all day like her mum”.

Technology: Parents guides to some Mobile Social Media Apps

Ok, how are we going to tackle the amount of Social Media Apps children use out there at the moment? It is difficult for me to mention some in a summary, but for most parents, it may be hard to count more that 5 or 6 that are popular. Children’s tastes change so quick that it means, by the time we hear of one App, the children say “Mom that is so yesterday’s news!”

Technology: Kids go to jail for cyber-bullying

IN THE States, recently a Senator has called for a bill to be put through government that would lead to a child who is accused of any form of cyber-bullying towards employees of their school or their school colleagues will get a 3 month jail sentence or $500 fine.