Major marketing campaign launch to boost local business

Today, the Donegal News is launching a major marketing campaign valued at over €20,000 to boost community awareness of the need to support our local businesses, towns and villages.

Over the next 9 weeks we will promote the #TogtherWeAreStronger message across our newspapers, web & social media platforms, e-newsletters and digital editions. We will back this up with positive editorial, photos and reader engagement. The more exposure the campaign receives the better the potential rewards for our communities.

As a local business, the Donegal News is passionate about the community we live and work in. We have been and continue to be at the forefront of promoting local groups, businesses and campaigns. Over the years we have used our various print, web and social channels to champion our local traders and providers; we have been proud partners of the Letterkenny Business Awards for the past eight years alongside Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce.

We have engaged with our local traders, listened and acted; they have asked us to join with them again to get their message to you – their communities – to ensure we keep our local ‘independents’ open for business.

Columba Gill, Donegal News editor said, ‘There is no doubt our local traders and communities are facing an extremely difficult time, that’s why we wish to actively promote and encourage support and loyalty to our local businesses. The Donegal News has been part of this community since 1902, we take our responsibility to spread a message of support very seriously. It’s something that we hope will be of real and tangible benefit to local business.’

Many of our local independent retailers and service providers have been on the frontline ensuring we have access to our essential everyday needs. It is these same local businesses which are now asking for your continued support as we face yet more uncertainty.

How we shop and get our everyday essentials has certainly changed in 2020, but it’s worth remembering that our local businesses are not only the places where we go to clothe and feed ourselves, where we get our health and well-being needs, where we go to ensure we keep moving forward in our daily lives. Our ‘independents’ are central to our communities – they employ our sons, our daughters, brothers and sisters and ensure that our local economies continue to prosper. Smaller providers provide higher levels of service, advice and local knowledge.

To say that this year has been a challenge is perhaps too much of an understatement. Uncertainty in all walks of life, of mixed messages and false starts, our communities have risen to the challenge and come together to support friends and neighbours and to help maintain a level of normality. We truly believe we can make this work if we work together.

Look out for the #TogetherWeAreStronger message, share it on your social media, promote it to your customers, tell your friends, but ultimately remember every time you shop, aim to make it local.

Calling all local businesses – use our free listing directory to let people know what your business is offering at the minute. Let us help you spread the word about your business. Simply click the Get Listed link above.

Launching the Donegal News ‘Together We Are Stronger’ campaign are (L-R) Gary Doherty-McClenaghan, sales executive, Donegal News, Paula Rooney, proprietor, Foot and Ankle Clinic, Jimmy Stafford, president, Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce, Columba Gill, editor, Donegal News and Lisa Loughrey, managing director, John F. Loughrey Financial Services.