Team of first responders trained for whale rescues

FOLLOWING the recent deaths of 13 pilot whales stranded at Ballyness beach, Falcarragh, a group of local people underwent specialized training this week as ‘first responders’ in best-practice whale rescue methods.

Fears for human health after deaths of whales

MYSTERIOUS deaths of more than 50 whales off the northwest Donegal coast – including 13 in Falcarragh several weeks ago – has led to the re-surfacing of concerns about dangers to human health.

Support group formed after whales debacle

FOLLOWING a public meeting held at Teac Jack in Glassagh earlier this week, a wildlife protection group has been formed in west Donegal to lobby for government policy changes towards stranded marine animals and to promote specialized training.

Meetings on mistreatment of whales

FOLLOWING national publicity surrounding the alleged mistreatment of a family of 12 pilot whales stranded near Falcarragh by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), key meetings took place at the weekend to lobby for changes to government policy and funding for specialised training.

COMMENT: When will Údarás change job creation strategy?

Like Br’er Rabbit, west Donegal’s largest economic development group is captive.
Captive to the belief that call centres and large manufacturing companies are the only way to create jobs – and to a golden circle that benefits from such thinking.