‘The Bear Run’ to tour Donegal this weekend

CAR fanatics are in for a treat this weekend as some of the finest super cars are set to tour around Donegal as a part of ‘The Bear Run’. The Bear Run kicks off from Shipquay Street, Derry at 9:30am until 11am on Saturday April 29, and will see Super Cars and American Muscle Cars take to […]

New North West BUMBLEance picks up its first passenger

Nine-month old Oisín Boyle from Glenties, is the first child in Donegal to use the brand new BUMBLEance service in the North West. Oisín, who suffers from severe seizures following a brain injury, was picked up at 5am on Monday, driven to his hospital appointment at Our Lady’s children’s Hospital, Crumlin, and returned home later […]