‘It’s not champagne we’re selling here’

A Donegal businessman has expressed his dismay after been hit with high post-Brexit charges on goods bound for Glasgow. Since the start of the year consumers have been asked to pay up to one-third extra in customs duties, VAT and additional delivery charges once they arrive in the UK. “It’s unsustainable and the price will […]

Threat emerges for Donegal’s crabbing industry

THE Donegal crabbing fishing industry faces potential destruction due to new regulations from Europe which came into effect following Brexit. The warning was sounded this week after it emerged that 37 crabbing vessels around the Donegal coast can no longer land their catch at their local piers because they have British fishing licences. Some of […]

Expect ‘some turbulence’ as Brexit Day finally arrives

BUSINESSES in Donegal can expect some ‘turbulence’ as Brexit arrangements come into effect. New customs and regulatory controls apply from today. Conall Dunne, who runs his Chartered Accountancy practice in Letterkenny, has been busy helping businesses and individuals to prepare for the new procedures. Three months ago he set up a company, Easy Customs, which […]

KFO warns of port blockades and widespread chaos

The Chief Executive of the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation has issued a stark warning that failure to achieve an orderly Brexit will precipitate “chaos and conflict at sea” with port blockades across Europe being a very real prospect. Seán O’Donoghue also stated that should Irish and other EU fleets be denied access to UK waters after […]

Firefighters want Brexit plan

THE DONEGAL Firefighters’ Association have spoken out about major concerns they have about cross border fire services after Brexit claiming Donegal County Council has no plan in place. Speaking to the Donegal News, Chairperson Stephen McFadden, said the Council has a “let’s see what happens” approach when it comes to planning for Brexit in terms […]

Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best

THE possibility of the UK crashing out of the EU without a ‘deal’ increased significantly last week when the agreement reached between the UK and the EU was overwhelmingly rejected by the British parliament. If a ‘no deal’ exit does happen then motorists driving a Republic of Ireland (ROI) registered vehicle to Northern Ireland (NI) […]

Serious concerns raised over drop in British visitors

THE SIGNIFICANT decline in the value of the Sterling and the increased economic uncertainty of Brexit has been blamed for the drop in British visitors to Ireland so far this year. Donegal hoteliers have expressed their serious concern about the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) which revealed that visitor numbers are down […]