Clubbing together enables Jim McGuinness to prepare Donegal’s finer details again

BY CHRIS MCNULTY “THAT decision has brought us to an All-Ireland final,” says Jim McGuinness as he muses about his journey back to the All-Ireland final with Donegal for the second time in three seasons. He’s on the first floor of the Sean MacCumhaill GAA Centre in Ballybofey, through the window behind him Donegal’s […]

Donegal and McGuinness are making the dream real again

BY CHRIS MCNULTY “It’s not because the world has forgotten; it’s because this once unlikely dream has become that most extraordinary of things: It has become real,” – Barack Obama IN the fourteenth minute of Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final between Donegal and Dublin, the Dublin based company Huggity snapped hundreds of images, taking in every […]