Master the Czech Language Basics


If you are lucky enough to win our fabulous prize to the Christmas Markets in Prague, then you may find the following useful.  Although the Czech language is a very difficult one, we recommend that you try learning a few phrases. The Czechs will welcome your effort and will be all the more willing to help you.


Good morning Dobrý den dobri den
Good evening Dobrý večer dobri vetsher
Hi/Hello! Ahoj ahoy
How are you? Jak se máte ? yak se maate
Very well dobře dobje
Thank you Děkuji dyekooyi
Please Prosím proseem
Yes Ano ano
No Ne ne
Excuse me Promiňte prominte
How much does it cost? Kolik to stojí ? kolik to stoyi
I don’t understand Nerozumím nerozoomeem
Do you speak English? Mluvíte anglicky, francouzsky ? mlooveete anglitski
I don’t speak Czech Nemluvím česky nemlooveem tsheski
Good bye Na shledanou nass-hledanou
Big / little Velký / malý velky / maly
More / less Více / méně veetse / menye
Hot / cold Horký / studený horki / stoodeni
Stamp / Postcard Znamká / Pohlednici znaamka / pohledneetse
Men Páni  
Women Ženy zheny
Bill, please Účet, prosím Oocheht, proseem
Beer Pivo Pee-Vo
Wine Víno Vee-no
Water Voda Vo-Dah
Hospital Nemocnice Neh-mots-nitseh
Train Station Nádraží Nah-drazhyee
Airport Letiště Leh-teesh-tyeh
Street Ulice Oo-leetseh
Restaurant Restaurace Rehs-tau-rahtseh


Prague is one of the most popular destinations on the continent, drawing about 4 million visitors each year.

Prague Christmas markets are a ‘winter wonderland’ for visitors to soak up the festive atmosphere


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