Christmas Messages

hThe Donegal News has readers based all over the world. We invite those who can’t make it home this year to send Christmas messages to their family and friends in Letterkenny and the surrounding areas.


We’re running a very merry special feature just before Christmas, publishing our overseas readers & social media fans pictures and messages from far and away. If you can’t make it home this year send us a picture with your message for us to showcase to all at home.


If your recipient is on Facebook or Twitter give us their details so we can tag them on the your message.


We just ask you one favour in return, try not to make those of us shivering at the Donegal News offices too jealous!


So if you are overseas this Christmas and would like to send a message to your family and friends at home, leave your greetings using the form below and share your thoughts on spending Christmas abroad.


The Donegal News, connecting you with your loved ones this Christmas.

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