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Health and Beauty: The importance of foot care Pt 2

Footcare 2

TREAT your feet to a relaxing pedicure as a pampering session for your feet will improve your overall well-being, a good pedicure can help to alleviate some of the more common problems of the foot that can cause pain or discomfort.

A pedicure can be useful in many ways; by removing hard skin, keeping nails healthy, maintaining overall hygiene and by softening the skin, many minor ailments and complaints of the feet can be avoided. In-grown toenails, corns and calluses can all be prevented by keeping feet in good overall health, with less discomfort.

A pedicure involves the use of a foot spa or massaging pedicure chair where the feet will be soaked in warm water with added products such as aromatherapy oils to cleanse and soften the skin. This is followed by an exfoliation of the foot and leg to remove dead skin cells and then a relaxing massage to improve circulation and ease tension.


The foot is wrapped and placed in heated booties for the moisture to be absorbed into the pores and soften the skin even more allowing the hard skin to be treated more easily. Nails will be treated by trimming and reshaping and cuticles pushed back.

If a nail polish is required a variety of forms are available from a natural French polish, Gel Polish to more extravagant colours and nail art designs.

If feet are in good health and walking is comfortable people are more likely to have better posture and balance and do more exercise. Pedicures can give feet a new lease of life and should be enjoyed whenever needed.

Good nail care can help to prevent infections from developing or help in the treatment of fungal infections of the foot and nail. Now with the success of the New Laser GenesisPlus treatment, fungal infection of the nails can be treated very easily with no side effects at all, unlike the oral medication.

The treatment is very comfortable and in most cases only two treatments is required. The treatment can take from 20minutes to one hour depending on the depth and thickness of the infection. This Laser can also treat verrucas and warts.

We are having very successful results with this treatment here at Genesis as many clients have had the condition for years and have tried many other forms of treatment with no success. Reflexology is another excellent treatment for your feet and the whole body.

It increases blood circulation, encouraging the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) and stimulates nerves by applying pressure to certain areas that are related to other parts of the anatomy. It is commonly practiced on the feet, but can also be carried out on the hands and ears if necessary.


Tension and stress built up in the body can be dissolved by applying pressure to the many thousands of nerves held in the feet. This can help the body relax allowing for natural or medical healing agents to flow through the body and work on the different areas.

Massage and pressure help to dissolve uric acid crystal build up in the feet, reducing gout and promoting a good healthy blood supply to the area, allowing for tissues to become fully oxygenated therefore more functional.

Mary Ferry is the proprietor of the Genesis Skin Care & Laser Clinic in Upper Dore, Bunbeg. Tel 07495 32575, If you have a query you would like answered in Mary’s column confidentially, e-mail

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