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Art Scene: Be creative with Halloween DIY makeup ideas

Dramatic makeup ideas for Halloween.

Dramatic makeup ideas for Halloween.

WITH trick-or-treating and Halloween parties just around the corner, these Halloween makeup ideas that I have put together for you to try will definitely match a newly inspired, unique costume idea to help you stand out from the crowd.

Every year, we see the typical ghosts, Frankenstein’s and witches for Halloween and it can get a little boring! I love seeing handmade costumes and makeup ideas to match, I think they are always the best.


So many people also see Halloween as a time where they can be creative with their makeup and costumes. One local lady, in particular, whose amazing makeup ideas each year catches my eye is Letterkenny beauty Sinead McCahey.

I am always in awe of her unique ideas. However, if you find you are not as creative as Sinead and want to learn a few tips and tricks why not enrol in Studio Sculpt in Letterkenny amazing Halloween makeup workshop. These take place at Studio Sculpt in Letterkenny on Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12.

Their ‘Sculpt Special FX’ Halloween Make up Workshops and courses are designed for anyone at all including Make-up Artists who wants to learn to create Special FX, Casualty FX and character creations.
These effects can be added to character make up, Special FX looks and expand their creativity. You will cover various Special FX and Casualty FX techniques as well as character creation looks throughout day including one look of your own choice.

Studio Sculpt will also be retailing Halloween Make Up, face paints and contact Lenses – all are EU approved. To book your place on this exciting course contact or call Tel 0749890199 pr Mobile 852468706.

There are three separate workshops and the topics vary depending on your choice: 1. Casualty Make up & Special FX – 4 hours on Sat Oct 11th, 10am – 2pm. 2. Zombie Make Up – 3 hours on Sun Oct 12th, 12pm -3pm. 3. Sugar Skull Make Up & Skeleton Make Up – combined course – 4 hours on Sat Oct 11th, 3pm – 6pm.


Zara goes Pop Art.

Zara goes Pop Art.


Pop art makeup
This ‘pop art look’ is a fun, colourful last-minute solution for all you artsy types: create a unique Litchenstein masterpiece on your face.
To keep the look really authentic, add large blue tears under your eyes and act really lovelorn — lots of sighs and eyelash batting — to complete the look. As you can see from the photo I channeled this look two years ago for a Halloween party, it was great fun and some of my friends didn’t even recognize me!

Sinead McCahey.

Sinead McCahey.

Dia de los Muertos makeup
If you’re a makeup pro, we’ve got the ultimate challenge for you. How about trying your hand at creating a Day of the Dead skull!

The best part about achieving this look is there are no rules and you can add as many colors, stitches, and flowers as you want and be as creative as you like.

Although this effect will probably take some time in front of the mirror, the pay-off is that everyone will be in such awe of your makeup skills, no one will notice the lack of costume from the neck down.

In the photo you can see how the talented Sinead McCahey from Letterkenny created this stunning look to complete her Halloween costume last year.

Zara McDaid can be contacted on Facebook, search ‘Zara Mc Daid Art’, or e-mail is

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