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Art Scene: Fringed fashion trend

Designer fringe dresses.

Designer fringe dresses.

HISTORICALLY fringing has appeared mainly on bags and bohemians, but this is about to change, we will see fringing on every garment possible in the Autumn/Winter months.

Personally, this is a trend which I absolutely love. I think it is quirky, edgy and fun.


I have already started working on a few D.I.Y fringed garments which I can’t to wear over the coming months. When you think of fringing you might be inclined to picture leather and a Wild West style, but there are no limits to this new trend benefits.

If you are not of the bohemian ilk don’t worry this is still a style which you can adapt to your look in many different ways.

A fringed bag is probably where to start, your fringing can be subtle and small or it can be long enough to plait and drag on the floor! Whatever you choose, this trend is flexible.

You can also embrace this trend with boots, jackets and clutch bags. In this feature I will share with you two simple D.I.Y fringe fashion projects to get you started. Happy Fringing!!!

Art Scene Fringe 2

Materials Needed:
A t-shirt – choose one that’s a bit baggy so the fringe doesn’t cling awkwardly to your body. This can be a plain tee.
Beads (optional)
1. Cut the hem off the top. If you are using a top with sleeves and want to fringe the sleeves, cut the hem off the edges of the sleeves as well. The sleeve should be about four inches in length

2. Fringe the sleeves first. Make the first cut along the seam running up the armpit. Cut all the way up to the shoulder seam. Make the next cut about ¼ of an inch away. This does not have to be entirely accurate.

3. Make cuts around the sleeve until the entire sleeve is fringed. When you are finished, pull the tassels down and twist them simultaneously. Repeat on second sleeve.


4. Now, it’s time to fringe the waistband.  The fringe should be anywhere from four to 10 inches long, depending on how high you want the fringe to go. Looking for a cropped top? Make the fringe about 10 inches long.

5. For this part of the top, the front and back should be cut at the same time. Just as you did with the sleeves, make the cuts about ¼ inches apart from each other. Cut along the hem until the entire shirt is fringed. When you are finished, gently pull and twist the tassels.

Zara wearing a fringe dress.

Zara wearing a fringe dress.


What you need:
Tassles/strip of fringeing, I bought mine in a fabric shop!
Glue gun/ fabric glue
A black mini skirt

1.The mini skirt is your base.

2.Lay the tasseled fringing onto the skirt where ever you like, maybe you just want to add fringing to the bottom of your skirts as an alternative to the fully fringed skirt in my photo.

3.Once you are happy with the layout glue it on, making sure you do not move the fringing.

4.Leave to dry overnight and voila you have transformed an old drab mini skirt into a sassy, sexy skirt to wear out at the weekend!!

Step 4: Cut strips to make fringe.

Step 4: Cut strips to make fringe.

Zara McDaid can be contacted on Facebook, search ‘Zara Mc Daid Art’, or e-mail is

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