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Art Scene: Do it yourself, Cupid!

The Jar Of Love.

The Jar Of Love.

EACH and every year I feel like Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us. First, there’s the rush of the Christmas holidays, then the sigh of relief of the New Year, then BAM! Valentine’s Day.

In the current climate most of us can not afford to splurge on extravagant gifts for our loved ones. So, I have put together alternative, easy and fun D.I.Y home-made cards, crafts and gifts. Not only will your loved one appreciate the time, effort and let’s face it in some cases, sweat, that went into your home-made creation but you will feel an immense amount of self satisfaction.


I have always loved receiving home-made cards. In my opinion, there is something very special and thoughtful about them. I dabble from time to time in creating D.I.Y arts and crafts and have always loved making my cards rather than rushing to the shop, usually last minute, and trying to choose a card that you know, at the end of the day, someone else has created and written.

In today’s column, I have put together a variety of unique, affordable and non time-consuming ideas. Time to pull up those sleeves and start getting creative.

This D.I.Y idea is easy to make, affordable and extremely heart-felt. It can be done in less than five minutes and used for any special occasion.

What you will need:
1) A Jar
2) Paper & a pen
3) Scissors & double sided sticky tape

How to create:
– Start by simply writing what reasons you love that person on a piece of paper and cut them out individually.
– Fold and place each one into the Jar.
– Keep writing until the jar is full.
– Then make a label, write a message and attach to the front of the jar using double sided sticky tape.
– Add a red ribbon around the jar or cover the lid in pretty material to enhance the overall look of your finished piece and you are done. It is really that easy!

As you can see these home-made card ideas are not only original, humorous but also extremely easy to make.

What you will need:
1) Card/paper – colour choice optional
2) Depending on which one you would like to make: candles, matches, a toy car, a king of hearts card or two jigsaw puzzle pieces.
3) Glue onto your card using super glue or a glue gun.
4) Write message on the front and inside.

You Make My Heart Race.

You Make My Heart Race.

This home-made flower bouquet ‘for him’ is definitely a winner! It is very easy to assemble and you can add his favourite things to it as you please. If you are like me and don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously you will enjoy this idea.

How to create:
1) You will need an old plant plastic pot.
2) Fill this with stones to keep it sturdy.
3) Place a few sticks inside the pot then cover the sticks with green crepe paper.
4) Cover the stones in the plastic plant pot using red crepe paper.
5) Attach your items of choice to the end of the (stalks!) sticks, preferably light objects.
6) Attach red crepe paper around these to create your ‘flowers’ framing your gifts.

DIY Bouquet for Him.

DIY Bouquet for Him.

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