Niall Mulrine

Technology: Effects of pornographic material on our children

THE availability of porn has increased with the array of devices we use to connect to the internet. Pornographic material has been widely accessible for over the last two centuries, where it may have originated as art “Erotica” in the 19th Century.

The introduction of motion picture in the late 19th century called Le Coucher de la Mariée that depicted a female striptease, is as close to what we generally call porn today. When porn is mentioned, people automatically think “Dirty Videos”, “Blue Movies”, “X-Rated movies” as the genre. But it consumes more media than just movies.

Porn is a rich business


1998 America “Adult content” industry was bringing in close to 1 billion dollars per year in revenue from this industry, making it a business that brought attraction to be successful. With the internet, the Porn expanded more easily to the user.

The embarrassing scenario where once a person had to walk into a video shop and ask for “behind the counter” material was now found to be “on front row” viewing at our fingertips. People needing quick money would become an easy prey for these Hollywood producers to turn around a quick show or webcam session on the internet.

Porn in the privacy of your own home

21st century technology means porn can be accessed not only in the luxury of your private confinements but also, whilst you are on the move too with the array of mobile internet connected devices such as the smartphone, tablets and laptops.

The ease of access to the internet is welcoming for many people including 81% teenagers admit being very active on social media sites alone.

Business owners and managers are said to be spending on average 2 hours extra per day on work due to the ease of access to emails, social media, news and much more before breakfast, during breaks and evening times.

Positive Outcomes of Porn
As much as people negatively look at porn, it also became the birth stone of some great technology that the whole world are using today and enjoying.


One of these growths we can see every day is “Social Media”. How has social media come to our world from Porn I hear you ask? The instant fix and response people have become used to with social media has helped developers create fantastic social media platforms.

Skype being the most well-known video talk/web cam platform for people to communicate, was thought of being born from the use of webcams in the porn industry.

The 1990’s porn industry began creating live sex shows on the net and later grew a market where viewers could ask the dancer to do things whilst they watched in real time. Some technology experts say that porn creators were ahead of their time when it came to delving into the world of technology.

Negative Effects of porn

According to VICTOR B. CLINE, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist in the States, reported out of 350 sex addicts, sex offenders and other sexual illnesses people had, the result of their behaviours caused child molestation, rape, fetishism and a lot more.

She commented on how it’s a learned behaviour from the over stimuli of addiction to porn and to act out what was in movie world in the “real world”.

One such movie that depicted this world of fantasy to reality was Stanley Kubrick’s Classic “Clockwork Orange”. Where it detailed such a scene of gang rape and how it affected the lives of the victims and perpetrators afterwards.

How children react to Porn

Dr. Jennings Bryant conducted a survey with 600 students in second level college. 66% of males and 40% females admitted to wanting to try out what they witnessed in an X-rated scene they watched. Nearly one-third of the males and one-fifth females admitted to “actually” acting out similar scenes within a few days of watching the episode of porn.

Some children reveal that they learn about sex via porn and helps them become the sexual partner that they assume they are meant to be, to become attractive to the opposite sex. Quite the opposite has happened.

According to a comment from a medical professional/relationship counsellor, who deals with family relationships daily, “men are trying to become what they see on porn and want their partner to be the same, often ignoring the fact the partner ‘human’ and not a machine”.

That men need to realise what women want, not what men think they want by saying how a woman would like “less of a performance with more of an intimate connection”

Do we ban porn?
Again like similar statements over the recent years such as Ban ASK.FM, parents need to question whether it is the vehicle in which the abuse comes in or the receptor’s ability to deal with what they see online. An example I share lots of times with people when they ask this question refers to a 40 year old married mother of 2 children encounter with a flasher.

She said that when she was small and playing in a park, a man came walking by and open his jacket to produce his naked body. Immediately she averted her eyes, saying that she did not fully understand the situation, but knew somehow it was wrong.

This response was not studied or pre-acted. It was the “gut reaction” to a scene that triggered something in her mind to equate how it was wrong. This came from her moral upbringing, the teachings at home, school and church. This may not be a single solution, but numerous other parents I have questioned respond with similar reasoning.