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Health and Beauty: Red nose in winter

Red nose

THE harsh winter weather can cause your nose to glow, giving you a look that’s not very pleasant. Cold temperatures and gusty winds constrict blood vessels on the surface of the skin to conserve energy, making your nose white.

When you come inside and warm up, extra blood rushes to your cheeks and nose, inducing redness, dryness, and increased sensitivity.

The body will periodically dilate the constricted vessels to allow a brief burst of blood to flow into the area and then constrict the vessels again. This burst of blood causes the nose to turn red.


To help prevent a beet-red beak, wear a stylish scarf bundled around your face when you are outdoors.To soothe weather-beaten skin use a mild cleanser morning and night and always use an oil free moisturiser with sunscreen in winter and summer.

If your nose continues to remain red, it is advisable to get a skin consultation as it may be a more severe skin condition which will need treatment.

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