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Mary Ferry

The art of applying liquid eyeliner


Poorly applied liquid eyeliner can flake off, smudge, and look messy. With proper application, it can complete an outfit. Liquid eyeliner does take a bit of practice, but once you get it, it’s easy. Follow these steps;

Prime your eyelids. Use either a professional primer or cream eyeshadow to form a base for the liquid eyeliner to stick to.

Dust translucent powder on top.


Apply eyeshadow if you will be wearing any. Don’t worry about getting liquid eyeliner on the eyeshadow, it will easily come off.

Steady your hand on a table.

Tilt your head back slightly, and draw your eyelid taut with your non-dominant hand.

Draw small dashes or dots of liquid eyeliner as close to your eyelashes as possible. It does not matter if these are even and steady or not, you will be going over them later.

Go over the dashes in one continuous line.

Try to apply it lightly along the inner corner, and gradually applying pressure for a thicker line as you work your way to the outer corner.

Fix any mistakes using a cotton bud barely dipped in eye makeup remover and gently press and twist the cotton bud on spots.


Wait a few moments for it to dry, and gently blend your eyeshadow back into place and finish by applying mascara.


Green is one of the prettiest and most unusual eye colours. But what’s the best make-up to bring that colour out?

To really make green eyes pop, go for plum and lilac shadows, but make sure they have a cool grey or blue undertone.

Colours with warm pink tones can make green eyes look sore. Avoid silver, blue or green eyeshadows as the pigment in green eyeshadow is too intense and it will be stronger than your beautiful eye colour.

To make green eyes stand out but look more natural go for neutral tones, deep browns and gold or copper shades will also look stunning on green eyes.

The same for eye pencils a purple or violet pencil looks very well for someone with green eyes.