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New open mic night in Downings to showcase musical talent

David Toye (22) from Letterkenny, organiser of the new open mic night in the Tramore Inn.

David Toye (22) from Letterkenny, organiser of the new open mic night in the Tramore Inn.

NEXT weekend a young Donegal musician, hoping to create another regular outlet to showcase some of the great original talent from his county, will host his first open mic night in Downings.

Letterkenny native David Toye (22) is well-known face on the Donegal music scene as a great supporter of original acts – he rarely misses a gig.


David has been playing music himself for nearly six years and like so many in the Cathedral town, he musical career began in the Loft, the drop-in centre of Donegal Youth Service.

“As I turned 18 I was out gigging in pubs around Donegal. As well as playing music, I have a big interest in the engineering and production side of it and I’ve worked on events in the Regional Cultural Centre such as Goof’s Gaff Live and the BEO events.

“It’s something I really love doing. Being able to come into a venue and make a singer/songwriter or a band sound as good as they can is just a great thing to be able to do.”

On Friday, June 7, the young musician with a passion for sound-engineering will host his first night at the Tramore Inn.
David said: “I first went to the Tramore Inn last summer to play a gig with my band, and it was just a fantastic venue.

“It has a really nice atmosphere about it, the crowd there really seem to appreciate their music and were so easy to talk to and get along with. Sure there’s nothing better than playing a gig in somewhere that is interested in what you’re doing.

“I decided to try the open mic night for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows people an opportunity to head out to a pub in an area they might not normally get out in for a night, a different experience for once.
“It gives musicians a chance to meet other musicians and maybe get a ‘wee’ jam going on the night, something totally unique that might never happen again.

“And it gives musicians who don’t necessarily have regular gigs a chance to get out there and build up there confidence and stage persona, maybe get them seen by a few people who would give them a gig of their own. And if there is a big enough crowd interested in it being a regular thing, then who am I to refuse them?”


David said there will be a drum kit, bass and guitar, amps etc on sight and anyone looking to head and play need only bring themselves and maybe a guitar if they want to bring it.

“For the first night we’ve a few people confirmed, but mostly we’re going to keep it open for people who want to just land down and jam along with a few people, or play a few on their own. We’ve got The Matthew Trainor Experience and The Twine confirmed to play, as well as the new band Omnishambles and solo performances from the likes of Niall McDonagh.”

It is likely there will be a bus organised to go from Letterkenny and back on the night itself. If anyone wants a chance to play or go they can contact David on or send him a message at 0858136753.

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